2017 Season

Event Sponsorship & Donation Requests


FC Edmonton would like to thank you for the opportunity to become involved with your organization. As we receive hundreds of requests for assistance on an annual basis, we cannot provide support for all the requests that are submitted to us.  FC Edmonton is dedicated to assisting registered charitable and not for profit organizations whose activities, events and programs provide benefit to children, youth, sport, health and/or education within the Alberta region. For more information on how FC Edmonton impacts the community, please learn more HERE.


Due to the volume of requests, donation requests must meet specific criteria:


  1. All requests must come to FC Edmonton via the complete online donation form below.
  2. All requests must be received a minimum of 3 months prior to the start of the event.
  3. All requests must fit within these funding priorities: A.) Advocacy (growing the game), B.) Minor Soccer Sponsorship (event & silent auction support etc.). For more information on these priorities, please learn more HERE.

Donation Request Form


Please fill out as much information as possible so we may process the request as quickly as possible. Proposals for support will only be recieved through our online form below. Fax, email or over the phone requests will not be accepted. All proposal should, at minimum, include:


  1. Complete contact information and registered charitable number
  2. Outline of organization's mission and mandate
  3. Detailed project description including timeline
  4. Measurable outcomes including how many people will benefit and the potential impact on the community
  5. Exact funding amount requested and detailed budget for the project
  6. Recognition opportunities for FC Edmonton

How will I know if my request has been accepted?


Organizations will be contacted by telephone if their request is approved and by email if it is not. Please do not call to follow up on your requests as we are unable to provide status updates. Once the form below has been completed, we will be in touch as soon as possible. We wish you much success with your fundraising endeavours.


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Organization Name
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Name of event/proposal or partnership:
Description of the opportunity and why FC Edmonton should consider it?
What category does your sponsorship fall into?
Event dates including set up time and tear down time?
Event address and location?
What is the total estimated on-site attendance?
Social media handles:
Has your organization received funding/particpation from organization in the past? If yes, please list the support received.
What level is this proposed opportunity? i.e.: Naming level? Top level sponsorship, mid-level etc.
Does your proposal offer category exclusivity?
Which of the following opportunities are availabile to FC Edmonton?


Proud PARTNERS of FC Edmonton