Edmonton Police Service to host Calgary for 125th anniversary, 3rd Annual Woodall Cup

The two police services kick-off at 3:35PM prior to FC Edmonton’s Friday match against the New York Cosmos.
FCE Communications | Aug 9, 2017

EDMONTON, AB — To commemorate the Edmonton Police Service’s 125th anniversary, FC Edmonton will welcome both the Edmonton and Calgary Police Services to Clarke Stadium at 3:35PM on Friday, August 11 to compete in the 3rd annual Woodall Cup prior to kick-off of the Eddies’ 7:00PM match against the New York Cosmos.

A ticket to Friday’s match between the Eddies and Cosmos includes free access to the match’s precursor ‘Battle of Alberta’ between the Edmonton and Calgary Police Services for the Woodall Cup, named in honour of fallen Constable Daniel Woodall who was killed in the line of duty on June 8, 2015.

FC Edmonton is proud to help present the Woodall Cup for another year and its charitable contributions, helping raise money for the Zebra Child Protection Centre and creating a better future for children in Alberta who’ve experienced abuse.

"This year we connected with the Calgary Police Service to see if they'd be interested in playing in the third annual Woodall Cup, and they were excited about the chance,” said Cst. Bruce McGregor of the Edmonton Police Service. “The Zebra Child Protection Centre is a charity close to [Claire Woodall]’s heart and was close to Daniel’s and Calgary will make a donation to the cause as well.

“We’re committed in moving forward to make this an annual ‘Battle of Alberta’ that runs for many years.”

Woodall, from Manchester, England, was an eight-year veteran of the EPS and avid soccer fan, regularly meeting with other British ex-pats in Edmonton to watch the game he loved. Over the past two years, FC Edmonton has worked with the EPS and other community members to put on the charity match, even bringing in members of the Greater Manchester Police to compete in the match.

“Supporting the Woodall Cup has become an important initiative for FC Edmonton every season, and we’re excited to bring a ‘Battle of Alberta’ flair to this year’s match,” FC Edmonton general manager Jay Ball said. “Engaging with the community is a major pillar for the club, and we’re proud to support the cause and the memory of Cst. Woodall by providing the stage and support for Alberta’s finest this Friday prior to the Eddies kicking off against the Cosmos.”

EPS was created 125 years ago when Mayor Matthew McCauley issued Bylaw #15 on June 20, 1892, allowing for the municipality to appoint town constables to keep the peace. Since that time, EPS officers have been dedicated to protect, and proud to serve, the citizens of Edmonton.

“The partnership we’ve created with FC Edmonton for the Woodall Cup has been first-class,” McGregor added. “The opportunity to play at Clarke Stadium and be treated like professionals makes it easy for us, and it’s great to see a community-based team and the community as a whole give us this kind of support.”

Purchasing a ticket to FC Edmonton’s match against the New York Cosmos at 7:00PM on Friday gives fans free access to the ‘Battle of Alberta.’ Visit and secure your seat for this weekend’s doubleheader!


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